8, 9 and 10 May 2023
Valencia, Spain
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Event information

The 5th Universia International Rectors Summit forms part of the support that Banco Santander has provided to higher education for more than 25 years, as part of the bank's commitment to move towards a fairer, more sustainable, and more inclusive society.

In our present-day society, where we are facing major challenges such as digital transformation, the climate emergency and social inequality, universities have huge potential as catalysts. The 5th International Rectors Summit will focus on the role of Universities as a driving force for a more sustainable social and economic development.

The three day event, which will take place in Valencia, Spain from 8-10 May 2023 under the heading of "University and Society", will be attended by over 700 University leaders from across the globe, and will feature discussions around three key themes; lifelong learning, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and developing university networks and interconnection.

Preliminary Programme 2023

Monday 8 May

Arrival of Guests
Welcome Dinner

Tuesday 9 May

Opening Panel
Networking Coffee
Discussion Panel 1
Networking Lunch
Discussion Panel 2
Networking Coffee
Discussion Panel 3
Transfer to hotels

Wednesday 10 May

Networking Coffee
Networking Lunch

Academic Themes

With a vision of the future focused on building strategies to enhance the impact of higher education on society, the following three academic themes have been identified:

Supporting lifelong learning

Themes to be discussed will include new learning models, developing transversal skills, and the role of the university in lifelong learning.

Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation

Themes to be discussed include entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology transfer in response to social challenges.

Developing networks and interconnection

Themes will include academic mobility, the Open Science network, and university/business cooperation as catalysts for social and economic development.

Summit Committees

International Committee

The International Committee is the main representative body for the Rectors Summit. Its functions include:

  • Defining the scope and goals of the summit.
  • Leading relations with governments and other organisations.
  • Representing the organisation to the media before, during and after the summit.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is the leading academic body at the summit. Its activities include:

  • Establishing the programme for the summit.
  • Identifying and inviting people to coordinate themes, themes and discussion themes for the summit.
  • Playing a leading role in drawing up the Statement of Conclusions which will be the main document produced for the summit.

Valencia, City of Arts and Sciences

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. Its culture, nature and architecture make it a diverse, multicultural country, home to thousands of stories.

On this occasion, Valencia, the European Capital of Smart Tourism, has been chosen to host the 5th Universia International Rectors Summit.

The venue for the 1 will be the City of Arts and Sciences, a magnificent and innovative centre for scientific and cultural dissemination, consisting of six areas located on the banks of the River Turia in Valencia.

Previous summits

'Cielo de Salamanca', a fresco by Fernando Gallego
Statue of Luis de León
VIPS universia 2018

Salamanca 2018

The 4th Universia International Rectors Summit took place in the city of Salamanca, Spain, on 21 and 22 May. More than 700 university leaders from 26 countries took part in the event.

The space provided the opportunity to reflect on the main challenges facing universities, in relation to the digital world, university research and the contribution of universities to social and territorial development.

Download statement

Coming soon

Over the coming months further information about the summit will be published on this website, in addition to materials from the work conducted by the Academic and International Committees.

Please refer back regularly for updates.